Hi, I'm Christina —
capturer of photos
+ curator of words
that connect

Creative partner for all things visual. Collaborator for all things content.  All-around idealist with an eye for how to show up online in a way that only you can.

Trust is at the forefront when establishing and capturing your brand's visual and verbal identity to implement it in a way that's real. Real to you, what you offer, and who you want to reach. The end-game must be not only relatable but attainable and authentic.

Relationships are built on words. We naturally ask questions and seek answers. At Clic, we believe in a creative partnership and collaboration when it comes to creating content that connects — because you know who you want to connect with. And more importantly, WHY.

Our job: extract the community you want to reach from the crowd, identify what they're seeking from your brand/business (& the solution only you can provide), to seamlessly build valuable connections that lead to conversations. Conversations that build a community. Online and IRL.

We give you the visual and verbal content to be a conversation starter.

My story really began the moment I decided I wanted to write for others

Gifts are intended to be shared. They're not meant to be kept to ourselves or even for personal gain. Each unique interest we possess piques curiosity — which leads to building skills around that interest. Skills unique to YOU that ultimately need to be shared. And spread. 

For me, writing is that THING. I love to write. It's second nature (& always has been). And when I figured out that I can help people say what they want to in a meaningful way, everything changed. When I decided to write for others instead of my personal, lifestyle blog, I found my contribution.  

Truth be told: I was hesitant to even start. But with each keystroke on my keyboard — I decided to build. Hitting the delete button and space bar an infinite amount of times along the way. But still, I started to show up. And the doors started to open. This is the power of leaning into your gifts. And then showing up in them. The pieces, just like the words on the page, fall into order exactly as they should and were always meant to. 


I had no idea at the time THAT THE DOORS WOULD OPEN... 

Mack and I were newly married, and without a ton of money to invest in a camera, I purchased the display camera at Sam's Club because it was less expensive than buying it new. My mom bought me an upgraded lens at a camera resale store so I could achieve the type of imagery I envisioned. These two purchases — the camera and that special lens — led me down a path that years later would lead me right here. That camera enabled and pushed me to learn a new skill, helped me hone my editing style, and ultimately level-up my obsession with content curation to offer well-rounded services. Words without pictures are boring. And pictures without words aren't nearly as impactful. I still shoot on the camera I bought all those years ago, and it's a reminder that you don't need the best of anything to start something. Just start. 

We believe in building connections online that lead to conversations IRL.