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My past blog (& business school) taught me everything.  I equip  brands with content, both visual and written, that invites the ideal client in. Into the story, into the solution, and into the community of loyalists that niche companies cultivate.

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Little Mrs. Particular

About Little Mrs. Particular
Little Mrs. Particular is a platform in which I hope to provide you with the ability to focus on the particular details, small victories, and each glimmer of happiness in everyday. Our lives are made up of millions of moments and by shifting our perspective to the little details that make each day better- a new shade of lipstick, a perfectly fluffed pillow, an outfit that makes you feel like you- our outlook is transformed and our confidence reaffirmed as we take on a new day!

About Me
I am Christina, the voice behind Little Mrs. Particular, which was founded in 2015. At the time, I was working your typical 9 to 5 and finding that the smallest moments of my day were what made my day. Shifting my focus to the best details of the everyday are what inspired my blog name, Little Mrs. Particular. I have always been extremely detail oriented and when it came to planning my wedding, I wanted to create a space in which I could share my insights on the process- truly it was one of my favorite things I’ve ever had the privilege to do! After the wedding concluded, I’ve continued to use this platform to highlight the details of my daily life that bring me joy and inspire me.

I live on the Emerald Coast of Florida with my husband and two dogs, Rebel and Tiger. Our favorite things to do include walking our dogs, eating out at new restaurants and spending Sunday afternoons on the beach.

I am so grateful that you stopped by today and it’s my hope that you will check back often. I would also LOVE to hear from you! You can contact me here.


Farm-to-table jianbing kickstarter, mixtape taxidermy actually scenester. Asymmetrical tattooed locavore meggings YOLO organic pabst forage.

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