Five Books to Motivate Millennial Women


Five Books to Motivate Millennial WomenFive Books to Motivate Millennial Women

Five Books to Motivate Millennial Women

Five Books to Motivate Millennial Women

Five Books to Motivate Millennial Women

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Have you ever felt like you just need to hit reset? Social media and I have a love/hate relationship. Especially in 2021. Mostly, love but a little bit of ughhhh too! So, how do I hit reset? I read. But I find that I can’t finish ANY book unless they’re geared toward entrepreneurship, showcases a success story of a girl boss or presents faith in an applicable light. Quite the range, I know! Reading, and better yet, being encouraged sans screen time, is what I’ve been craving lately. With that, I wanted to share five books to motivate millennial women. You ready?

Five Books to Motivate Millennial Women


This was the book that started it ALL. We had a long flight- direct from Denver to New York City — and I needed to remain occupied. I bought this book in an airport book store and by the time the wheels hit the runway in NYC, I had almost read the entire thing. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I take forever to read books. I do so right before bed and read about one page before I fall asleep. So, this new found speed-reader in me was driven only by the tips offered by Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal. This page turner is where I found a love (obsession) with reading about other women’s success in the business world.


Uninvited is one you probably won’t see on many motivational reading lists. Rather, it can be found under recommended reading while perusing the devotionals. BUT, this book packs a lot of punch in terms of comparison, and how to combat it with the truths of God’s word. This is one of my all time favorite books (in fact I read it twice) that I highly recommend. The part that really hit home for me and I think might strike a chord with you too is, “her success does not threaten mine.” In a Gram-able world… her words offer a breath of fresh air as we’re reminded of how loving others is always the answer. Think of this as your ultimate collaboration over competition guide.

Leave Your Mark

This book is very interesting! It takes you on the journey of Aliza Licht as she made her mark as the “DKNY PR GIRL'” on Twitter. This behind-the-scenes look into the evolution of branding, influence and audience offers an in-depth look at being innovative at a time of the unknown (like when Twitter first even came on the map — basically the Wild Wild West at this point). Her tips, tricks and story of lifestyle content coupled with hard-work are notable and applicable today as social media continues to progress by the minute.

Lean In

My Mom recently saw Sheryl Sandberg speak at a conference and really liked her message. With that, she bought her book, read it, and gave it to me. I was hesitant to jump right into this book only because I thought it might bore me. To my surprise, it’s actually super educational, eye-opening and disruptive when it comes to women in leadership roles- how they get there and why we need more. However, I was actually shocked at how understanding she is in that #CEOlife may not be for everyone. She is explicit in believing each woman need to do what’s best for her and her family. I’ll cheers to that 10x over!

Work Party

I am a MAJOR fan-girl of Jaclyn Johnson. Major. I first found her on Instagram, but have continued to follow her, her journey, her companies (yes, plural) and so on. I am inspired by her honesty, her focus on helping women with small businesses and her authenticity in sharing her not-so-perfect path of success. This book is a manifest of how she did it, and how WE can too. Do yourself a favor and do these three things: (1) Follow @createcultivate on Instagram, (2) Follow @workparty on Instagram, and (3) buy her book. You will for sure be obsessed with her.

And that’s a wrap, girls! A few books to read when you’re in need of some serious motivation! Do you have any additional recommendations? I’d love to read some of your favorites too. Drop ’em in the comments below!






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