How to Craft Your Christmas Card with Basic Invite


How to Craft the Perfect Christmas Card with Basic Invite

How to Craft the Perfect Christmas Card with Basic Invite

How to Craft the Perfect Christmas Card with Basic Invite

How to Craft the Perfect Christmas Card with Basic Invite

How to Craft the Perfect Christmas Card with Basic Invite

Basic Invite Holiday Collection

Is it just me or does the holiday season always creep up? Once Halloween hits, it’s one foul swoop and Thanksgiving dinner is on the table followed by decking the halls for Christmas. Before the year is too far gone, let’s take a step back and focus on what we can do NOW to ensure the holiday season doesn’t pass us by! One way to do this is by ordering your Christmas cards early.

When I think about a Christmas card…. it’s like the original Instagram. Am I right? You curate this photo, make sure your family looks perfect and then share it with loved ones, friends, co-workers and beyond. I believe that our digital connection is no substitute for a good old fashioned Christmas card. Because we’re able to fill every magnet on our refrigerator each year, I know for a fact that I am not alone in this! Due to that, I want to share three tips for crafting your Christmas card with Basic Invite.

How to Craft Your Christmas Card with Basic Invite

Set Your Vision

Believe it or not, there is some initial planning at play to craft your Christmas card. Things to consider include: (1) Who will take the photo for your photo Christmas cards, (2) Where will the photo be taken, and (3) Turn-around time (if you’re using a professional photographer). These key questions will guide the vision and vibe of your holiday card. Are you after that beautiful beach sunset? Or maybe you’re into something more low-key and casual. Either way, determine how you want your Christmas card to look and then address the logistics. The time spent crafting your holiday card should always be fun – from the initial camera shutter to the final stamp! Let’s chat about how to avoid any potential stressors of getting your cards in the mail on time next.

Plan Ahead

Once the photo is captured, now it’s time to order your samples! Basic Invite makes it super easy to curate (& customize) your samples. This way, you can ensure the photo quality is acceptable once printed and even drop in your details to double check that the card looks just like you imagined it would. I played around with the color tool, adjusted our imagery and swapped text options all before ordering my samples. If you’re detail oriented (like me!) the customization options will make you very happy.

Our samples arrived and Mack and I picked our favorite. I then placed our order to rest assured they’ll get here before the end of October! Ohhh, and all customizations from my sample phase were saved in my account so I didn’t have to tweak anything. So easy!

Finally, I always order a roll of 100 stamps from USPS so I know I have enough. I usually try to block an afternoon, where I sit down and write a sweet note on the cards in addition to completing the addressing. By ordering my stamps online, I alleviate any hiccup because I always, without a doubt, forget to buy stamps when I get my groceries. So, logistics aside… let’s talk about what makes a Christmas card you!

Share an Annual Highlight

The most exciting part about opening a Christmas card is to see what each family selects to highlight! Most notably, they usually include a stunning wedding photo, precious newborn moment or new home announcement! It’s always fun to see how different families share exciting news via their Christmas card. Although Mack and I usually send out a cheeky card featuring us and Rebel and Tiger, this year we opted to share some exciting news! That’s right, we bought an Airstream and will *hopefully* transition into full-time Airstream life before the end of the year. Since we’re so excited about this news, it was a no brainer when it came to the “vision” for our Christmas card. Maybe your big news is that you graduated with a Master’s Degree this year or started a company (browse business holiday cards, too!), whatever makes you happy, is highlight worthy!

As Halloween nears, I hope these tips help you to jumpstart your holiday card process! Although I’ve never quite been able to swing this myself, some very on top of life people even send Thanksgiving holiday cards. I know, I know… we can just aim for an early-December mail date and call it a WIN! Receive 30% off your order with code holi30. This saved us over $40!

So tell me, do you usually send your holiday card on time? Or are you more of a NYE well-wishes card type? Let me know! Thank you so much for stopping by today!

| In partnership with Basic Invite. All opinions and Christmas card purchases are my own. |

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