Megababe Natural Deodorant


Megababe Natural Deodorant

Megababe Natural Deodorant

Megababe Natural Deodorant

Megababe Natural Deodorant

Megababe Natural Deodorant

Megababe Rosy Pits Deodorant | Megababe Sunny Pits Deodorant | Megababe Squeaky Clean

Confession: I tried natural deodorant and almost immediately switched back to what I was using before. Natural deodorants while nice in theory and very Kourtney Kardashian circa 2013, did not work for me. Or so I thought. I officially drew the line when my natural deodorant ran down my arm during a workout class. I was OUT after that particular formula literally melted when I needed it most. It was not pretty. Not to mention on other days, I experienced a rash under my arms. So, ya. Not my thing.

But then during a casual Target stroll, I came across Megababe and since I am a self-proclaimed branding connoisseur, Megababe totally hit the mark aesthetically so I dropped this new take on natural deodorant into my basket. With high hopes that this perfectly packaged deodorant would be better for me, I have to admit I was skeptical but I am always up for giving pretty products a shot. Clearly, I opted for Rosy Pits based solely on the color of the cap.

A Non-Sponsored Review: Megababe Natural Deodorant

After using the Megababe deodorant for several weeks, my perception of natural deodorant has changed. Megababe is natural deodorant, you guys. I wouldn’t suggest any other brand, because after testing two other well-known natural deodorant makers — they didn’t make the cut. But Megababe does. Here’s why I suggest this brand over alllll the others…

No Underarm Irritation

Before Megababe, I found the other formulas I tried did not keep my armpits fresh all day. And worse, I actually broke out in my armpits which was obviously painful and just uncomfortable overall. Two other brands gave me the same results — red irritation and rash-like symptoms. That was fun. But with Megababe, I have NONE of that. Zero irritation. My armpits are happy, rash-free, and never looking back.

Smooth/Painless Application

To me, the other brands I tried felt more like an underarm exfoliant. I am not sure if that’s a thing, but each was grainy in texture and felt scratchy upon application. Which I am sure contributed to the irritation I noted above. Megababe basically feels like a giant lip balm for your armpits. It’s smooth and cooling AND not sticky at all. It goes on easy and stays put. Did I mention it’s clear? It’s never once shown on my clothes.

Passed the Sweat Test (like the real sweat test at Pure Barre)

Okay, we’ve made it, the real test… my workout class. I’ve never been one of those girls that can work out and then go anywhere afterward. I must go take shower immediately because I sweat, like, a lot (getting real personal today)! And I sweat the most particularly in my Empower class at Pure Barre. If you know, you know. But needless to say, this was my final test for Megababe. Would it drip down my arm and melt off my body as the two other unnamed brands did? Short answer: no and AMEN.

I’ve loyally used Megababe now for several months and am so glad I made the switch. I feel good about what I am putting on my body, BUT it actually works. So, if you’ve been shopping around for a natural deodorant but agonized over the same pain points I did, try this brand (the cute packaging is just a major plus at this point). I’d love to know your experience if you do!

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