How to Find a Remote Job


How to Find a Remote Job

How to Find a Remote Job

How to Find a Remote Job

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How To Find Remote Work

When I explain what I do to anyone, the next question is always, “how’d you find a remote job?” Well, I’ll tell you now in case you’re wondering too! I found my current position through an Instagram post. And while Mack had his reservations (read: he thought it was a scam), it’s basically my dream job! SO, yay for that! But in addition to Instagram, there are tons of other ways to find remote work.

Curate a Digital Presence Worthy of Remote Work

I plan to do a post exclusive to this topic because it’s SO important. If you want to work remotely, most of the positions fall into the tech/digital realm. If your digital presence isn’t reflective of someone who’s walking their talk online, that may be a red flag for remote recruiters. What do I mean here? Your personal brand represented online should be reflective of your resume. Want more insight on if you’re doing this? Shoot me an email and I can do a quick peek at your presence and make some recommendations for ya!

Follow Create & Cultivate’s Classifieds

I am obsessed with basically all things Create & Cultivate! But they share classifieds all the time with remote positions included fairly often. I recommend opting-in for their job hunt emails because it’s a great way to get remote (or not) positions delivered to your inbox, whether you’re looking or not.

Follow Companies You Love + Admire on Instagram (& their CEO’s)

If you love a company and what they’re doing, be sure to follow them on Instagram. I’ve found that tons of companies do actually post their job openings in their feed, in hopes that someone from their community that knows and loves them, will apply! Furthermore, if your favorite company isn’t hiring, maybe a similar company is or maybe the CEO of one company likes to share posts from his/her friend’s company who IS hiring.

Who knew Instagram stalking could actually help you land your next dream job. And of course, if something sounds sketchy or scammy, it always is. The internet, even Instagram and LinkedIn aren’t always catching those who scam. Use common sense and stick with companies, you trust — and you’re set!

Do you currently work from home? Or want to find a remote position?  I hope this post offered some insight and tips into how to do just that! If you have any questions, I am happy to help! Just shoot me an email at, and I’m here to answer all your work from home wonders! 😉






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