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My past blog (& business school) taught me everything.  I equip  brands with content, both visual and written, that invites the ideal client in. Into the story, into the solution, and into the community of loyalists that niche companies cultivate.

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Dainty Must-Haves with Katie Dean Jewelry

Dainty Must Haves with Katie Dean Jewelry

Dainty Must Haves with Katie Dean Jewelry

Dainty Must Haves with Katie Dean Jewelry

Dainty Must Haves with Katie Dean Jewelry

Starburst Ring | Hammered Gold Ring | Initial Necklace

In total honestly, I wear my wedding rings and a pair of diamond earrings that were a gift from Mack every. single. day. I TRY so hard to love a good statement necklace, stacked bracelets, and even cute statement earrings. I buy them, never wear them, forgot about them, then Poshmark them. I find that I wear only what matters to me and leave the rest behind.

This past Valentine’s Day I was on vacation with my Mom and away from Mack. That’s the day I stumbled upon Katie Dean Jewelry and the minute I saw that dainty “M” initial- I had to have it. While looking at the remainder of Katie’s collection, I decided to treat myself to two adorable stackable rings as well. Since that day, I realize now that I was looking at the wrong jewelry in the past. I’ve added these three dainties to my daily wear and they’re precious. Apparently, I wasn’t a statement jewelry type girl at all. Instead, it took finding the perfect dainty sentiments to complement my already favorite pieces.

Do you have a special symbol or initials you’d like to add to your collection? Click here to see her entire line.


February 14, 2021

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